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Good Times Caught with The Team...

28lbs Yellow Tail..

James Wotring reeled in this whopping 28lb Yellowtail in 2023, aboard the Pursuit, and what a catch it was! With a little help from Captain John, James had a blast bringing in this beauty.

Don’t miss the reel action by Captain John in the gallery—it’s a true bonding moment captured!

Blue Fin Tuna Fananza..

2023 was an incredible year for Bluefin Tuna, and Chris Fill, pictured here, was right in the thick of it! He’s showcasing one of the many Bluefins caught by Yvonne Guerrero (in the purple shirt) and Becky Guerrero (the cool cat in the back), aboard the Eldorado out of Long Beach, CA.

Chris’s take? “Yeah, they are pretty badass,” adding with a smile, “but so was their dad.” A true testament to a fantastic fishing legacy!

Rock Fishin in the Pacific

In 2021, Chris Fill snagged this impressive rockfish aboard The Freedom at 22nd Street Landing in San Pedro, CA. It was a fantastic day with red fish biting left and right. Dinner? Sorted!.


Welcome to Team Paclantic, where the spirit of adventure meets the thrill of the catch! We’re a vibrant community of sport fishing enthusiasts, united by our passion for casting lines and reeling in stories from coast to coast. Founded in 2022 by Chris Fill, a fervent angler whose love for the sport was kindled by the Guerrero girls of the Pacific coast of California, Team Paclantic embodies the legacy of their late father, a lifelong devotee of LA harbor fishing.

Our Mission

At Team Paclantic, our mission is simple yet profound- to showcase the exhilarating world of sport fishing through the eyes of our team and the broader community of anglers who wish to share their experiences on our platform.

From the serene freshwater rivers and lakes to the vast and mysterious depths of the deep sea, we traverse the Paclantic—our playful portmanteau of the Pacific and Atlantic—armed with our favorite gear, baits, and techniques, eager to share our adventures with you.

What Sets Us Apart

What makes Team Paclantic unique? It’s our unwavering commitment to authenticity and our shared excitement for sport fishing. We’re not just about the catch, we’re about the experience—the early mornings, the anticipation, the camaraderie, and, yes, the fish. Our stories are real, brought to life by real anglers who live for the thrill of the sport.

Our Tribute

Team Paclantic is also known as Team Joe, in honor of Joe Guerrero, a remarkable angler, outdoorsman, and teacher whose legacy inspires our every expedition. Joe’s untimely passing in 2020, amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, left a void in the hearts of all who knew him. An amazing father, brother, husband, and friend, Joe’s passion for fishing and the great outdoors was infectious. We dedicate our journey and every catch documented here to his memory. “We will be pulling up for you, Joe!”

What to Expect

Visitors to our site can plan to go into deep waters with our stories of Team Paclantic’s seasonal catches and the memorable encounters we’ve had along the way—from seasoned boat captains to fellow anglers landing monster catches. Our platform is a celebration of the sport, a tribute to those who have left us too soon, and a call to those who share our passion to join us in our next adventure.


Join us at Team Paclantic as we continue to explore, share, and celebrate the world of sport fishing. Whether you’re here to read our latest tale or to share one of your own, you’re among friends who understand that fishing is more than a sport—it’s a way of life.

See you on the water!

2024 Season Goal
Photography 100%
Photoshop 100%
Illustrator 90%
Indesign 95%

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